Al-Tounsi, a novel, to be published by Ankerwycke in February 2017

I’m really happy to announce that Al-Tounsi, a novel, will be published by Ankerwycke Books in February, 2017. The novel follows several fictional Justices of the US Supreme Court as they argue a single case over the course of a term. The case is based on a famous Supreme Court case from 2008 about the rights of detainees in Guantanamo Bay, so Al-Tounsi is specifically about personhood, imprisonment, national security, fear and terror – how those issues actually play out in the law and in the lives of (unseen) detainees. Primarily Al-Tounsi is a novel about people – the men and women who decide (emphatically) what the law is, and how their convictions invariably intersect with their personal lives and their ‘objective’ decisions.

Ankerwycke Books is a new trade press run by the American Bar Association – specializing in legal themed books for a wide, general audience.