Two Plays

2001 Playwrights Canada Press

The Kabbalistic Psychoanalysis of Adam R. Tzaddik

Psychic conflicts take on a mythical significance in a play about a young man’s obsession with a sacred Jewish text. The play chronicles the psychoanalysis of Adam Tzaddik as he and his doctor uncover the root of Adam’s denials and desires.

The Offering

Drawing on the classic tales of biblical patriarchs, The Offering explores timeless problems of communication between fathers and sons. In a trio of episodes, the play follows four generations of a single family as it struggles towards and ambiguous triumph.

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The Kabbalistic Psychoanalysis of Adam R. Tzaddik "A one-act play of such tight structure, such cerebral content and such sure drama that the thoughtful theatregoer could hardly fail to be impressed." —The Globe and Mail
The Kabbalistic Psychoanalysis of Adam R. Tzaddik "To raise such [intellectual] questions without losing the human thread would be too much for most scripts, but to do so with such humour, compassion, and verbal dexterity - that's something special." —eye Weekly
The Offering "Intense and sparse yet with a heartfelt core" —plays INTERNATIONAL
The Offering "Operates on a level of theatrical precocity about which theatregoers can usually only daydream… ultimately as fresh and engaging a demonstration of the dramatic possibilities of comedy as you're likely to encounter on any stage." —eye weekly