Selected Productions

Airline Icarus

An opera.

Music by Brian Current

Libretto by Anton Piatigorsky

Produced by Maniac Star and Soundstreams

Directed by Tim Albery

Music Direction by Brian Current

Set & Costumes by Teresa Przybylski

Lighting Design by Kimberly Purtell

Stage Managed by Kristin McCollum

Featuring: Dawn Bailey, Vania Chan, Sean Clark, Alexander Dobson, Larissa Koniuk, David Roth, Zorana Sadiq, Geoffrey Sirett, Krisztina Szabó, Jennifer Taverner, Graham Thomson

Soundstreams performance

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Eternal Hydra

Directed by Chris Abraham

Sound & Music by Richard Feren

Costumes by Barbara Rowe

Set & Lighting by John Thompson

Associate Lighting Design by Veronica Good

Production Management by Matthew Bryne

Stage Management by Merissa Tordjman

Eternal Hydra was originally commissioned and performed by The Stratford Festival of Canada, July, 2002. It was produced by Crow’s Theatre in association with Factory Theatre, and presented from January 22 through February 13, 2011, at the Factory Theatre in Toronto.


  • Liisa Repo-Martell: Vivian Ezra/Gwendolyn Jackson/Sarah Briggs
  • Sam Malkin: Randall Wellington, Sr./Randall Wellington, Sr./ Leon LaBas
  • David Ferry: Gordias Cabuncle/Henry Warmoth
  • Cara Ricketts: Pauline Newberry/Selma Thomas/Narrator

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A stellar production of Eternal Hydra by TOUCHSTONE THEATRE, VANCOUVER, November 1-11, 2012

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Breath In Between

Directed by Brendan Healy

Sound Design by Richard Feren

Stage Managed by Spencer Charles Smith

Roger has placed an ad on the internet, looking for someone to kill. Two people have responded. But now Roger has met Amy, and they’ve fallen in love…. Breath In Between explores mysterious attraction, and the wide abysses between the closest people. Breath In Between was presented by the Breath Collective in association with Crow’s Theatre at the Summerworks Festival, Toronto, August 9-19th Cast:

  • Paul Fauteux: Roger
  • Amy Rutherford: Amy
  • Audrey Dwyer: Voice

Globe and Mail Review

The Kabbalistic Psychoanalysis of Adam R. Tzaddik

Directed by Chris Abraham

Stage Managed by Stephen Finney

The Kabbalistic Psychoanalysis of Adam R. Tzaddik was first produced at the SummerWorks Festival, Toronto, August, 1998, with the following cast: Cast:

  • Doctor: Terrence Bryant
  • Adam: Graeme Somerville

Also produced by Moriah Productions and Theatre Passe Muraille in Toronto, November, 2000.

Directed by Chris Abraham

Stage Managed by Beth Brown

Lighting Design by Steve Lucas


  • Doctor: Terrence Bryant
  • Adam: Paul Fauteux

Toronto Sun Review

Mysterium Tremendum

Directed by Chris Abraham
Designed by Chet Culham
Choreography by Monica Dotter
Stage Manager: Stephen Finney

Mysterium Tremendum was presented by the Mysterium Co-op and the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival at the Poor Alex Theatre, July 1-11, 1999


  • Hume Baugh: Detective #1
  • Christine Brubaker: Musician
  • Terrence Bryant: Bald Man
  • Paul Fauteux: Ax Man
  • Ed Fielding: Homeless Man
  • Dean Gilmour: Priest
  • Ellen-Ray Hennessy: Bald Woman
  • Jim Jones: Detective #2
  • Jacoba Knaapan: Homeless Woman
  • Anton Piatigorsky: Young Man
  • Liisa Repo-Martell: Young Woman
  • Eliza-Jane Scott: Musician
  • Michael Waller: Lawyer
  • Tracy Wright: Photographer

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